Auf der Reise durch die kambodschanischeLandschaft


Fast fashion has been booming for over two decades, breaking one sad record after another. Today's fashion trends are tomorrow's garbage. Consumption is increasing rapidly, new collections are virtually flooding the market, clothes are hardly ever worn, and there is no recycling anyway.

The planet is groaning from pollution and people in low-wage countries are being viciously exploited. Does is it have to be this way and is there an alternative? THE CONSCIENCE OF CLOTHING tries to understand the complex network of clothing production, consumer behavior and marketing psychology in Europe in an entertaining way and asks whether there can be a way out into a sustainable and fair future for our clothing consumption.

THE CONSCIENCE OF CLOTHING is a documentary that aims to raise awareness on sustainability and fair fashion. Fashion is human. It is individuality, creativity, personality, preferences, style. All of this makes us who we are. But it also makes us vulnerable to manipulation. Can there be a way out of the wastefulness of resources? What role does each of us play and is there an individual responsibility? What role do social media and influencers play and can they be part of the solution and not the problem?

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